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Crystals, Tumblestones, Pendulems, Thumb Stones, Copper Bracelets, Jewellery sold in the UK.

Births, Christening, Baptism etc
Carved Crystal Angels
Copper Bracelets
Crystals / Tumblestones
Cut Crystal Glass
Dowsing Pendulums
Fantasy and Cut Crystal Glass
Free Forms
Lapis Lazuli
Oracle Cards
Specimens / Rough Stones
Stainless Steel Bracelets
Tarot Cards
Thumb Stones
Trees - Gem Trees
Wicca / Pagan

Free Delivery to UK post codes

We stock Tumble stones,

Crystal Clusters, Eggs, Orbs,

Geodes, Jewellery, Wands,

Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards.

Fairies, Angels, Incense Sticks

and much more...

If you can't find what you are looking for please call us as there are many items that just don't make it onto the website.

Also, over the past few years we have helped many of
our customers find pieces that the have had difficulty
tracking down, so if there is a particular item that you are
looking for we will endeavor to help you find it from
our many suppliers.

Selected Items

Tourmaline QuartzTourmaline Quartz

Tourmaline Quartz - Crystal Meanings and Properties Tourmaline Quartz helps us to receive the harmonising and healing energies of nature and to ge......

Magnetic Pure Copper Torque BraceletsMagnetic Pure Copper Torque Bracelets

Magnetic Pure Copper Torque Bracelet These bracelets are made of 99.9% pure copper and not plated. These bracelets are registered medical devices, ......

Stichtite ( 25mm to 35mm )Stichtite ( 25mm to 35mm )

Stichtite ......

Magnetic Pure Copper Mens Chain Link BraceletMagnetic Pure Copper Mens Chain Link Bracelet

Magnetic Pure Copper Chain Link Bracelet These bracelets are made of 99.9% pure copper and not plated. I have Non Magnetic Chain Link Bracelets t......

Rose Quartz ( Madagascar )Rose Quartz ( Madagascar )

Rose Quartz - Meanings and properties Placing Rose Quartz in the relationship corner of your home to attract love, this is the farthest right hand ......

Non Magnetic Pure Copper Mens Chain Link BraceletNon Magnetic Pure Copper Mens Chain Link Bracelet

Mans Non Magnetic Copper Chain Link BraceletThese Bracelets are Ideal for wearing on Both Wrist or Ankle The copper in these bracelets is 99.9% pure ......

Rose Quartz Dragons EggsRose Quartz Dragons Eggs

1 Rose Quartz Dragons Egg Weight - approx. 125 grams to 140 grams Length - approx. 45 mm to 55 mm Diameter - approx. 38 mm Measurement is taken ......

Magnetic Pure Copper Mexican Twist BraceletMagnetic Pure Copper Mexican Twist Bracelet

Magnetic Pure Copper Mexican Twist Bracelet These bracelets are made of 99.9% pure copper and are not plated. These bracelets are registered med......

Amethyst ( Brazil )Amethyst ( Brazil )

Amethyst - Meanings and Properties Amethyst is said to aid spiritual awareness creative thinking. It is said to protect against psychic attack whe......

Malachite ( D R of Congo )Malachite ( D R of Congo )

Malachite - Meanings and properties Malachite, The copper content in Malachite is said to ease rheumatism and arthritis. Malachite is also said to e......

Lapis Lazuli ( Afghanistan )Lapis Lazuli ( Afghanistan )

Lapis Lazuli - Meanings and properties Lapis Lazuli is thought to stimulate the higher levels of the mind encouraging clarity and objectivity. Lapis......

Green HowliteGreen Howlite

Green Howlite - Meanings and properties Green Howlite is said to reduce a tendency to over criticise, promote selfless behaviour and to encourage pa......

Amethyst Guardian AngelAmethyst Guardian Angel

Amethyst Cut Crystal Glass Guardian Angel Element Approx 28mm x 28mm Love Guidance Protection. Hand Made in the UK Birthstone of February. Spi......

Fire AgateFire Agate

Fire Jasper - Meanings and properties Fire Agate is a grounding and protecting stone with a deep calming energy. It is said to build a protective sh......

Blue Zircon Guardian AngelBlue Zircon Guardian Angel

Blue Zircon Cut Crystal Glass Guardian Angel Element Approx 28mm x 28mm Love Guidance Protection. Birthstone for December Hand Made in the UK ......

Honey Calcite ( China )Honey Calcite ( China )

Honey Calcite - Meanings and Properties Honey Calcite assists with light body manifestations as they filters light into the point within the body th......

Lepidolite ( Brazil )Lepidolite ( Brazil )

Lepidolite ( Brazil ) - Meanings and Properties Lepidoliteis related primarily to the heart chakra, and also to the third eye and crownchakras. It ha......


Ametrine - Crystal Meanings and Properties Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine and so has master healing properties of Amethyst and......

Amazonite ( Russia )Amazonite ( Russia )

Amazonite - Crystal Meanings and Properties Amazonite is said to calm the nervous system and the brain, and dispels negative energy and so improves......

Amber ( Poland )Amber ( Poland )

Amber - Crystal Meanings and Properties Amber is not a crystal as such, as it is fossilised tree resin. It has transparent appearance and can have s......

Angelite ( Puru )Angelite ( Puru )

Angelite - Crystal Meanings and Properties Angelite is said to help the user to tune into the angelic realms and to aid in connecting with the ang......

Apache Tears ( Mexico )Apache Tears ( Mexico )

Apache Tears - Crystal Meanings and Properties Apache Tears, According to Legend, one day a party of Apache Indians were out hunting when they wer......

Atlantisite ( Australia )Atlantisite ( Australia )

Atlantisite - Crystal Meanings and Properties Atlantisite is thought by many to link into the energies of ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, ......

Black Apatite ( China )Black Apatite ( China )

Black Apatite - Crystal Meanings and Properties Black Apatite is exceptional crystal in that is said to fight negativity and bring out our best q......